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Alex will bring his experience as a K-12 teacher to the position, working to cut wasteful spending, bring a modernized perspective to the Norman Public School Board and most importantly will be an advocate for students, teachers, and staff.

Fiscal responsibility- Alex believes NPS can cut spending on administrative costs. Our district spends more on paying our superintendent and other admin than any other comparable district. 


An End to the Customer Service Model- treating schools like a business and students and parents like customers is bad for everyone. Alex believes education is a partnership between teachers and guardians, not a transactional relationship. 


Accountability in NPS Leadership- Alex wants the community to be able to hold NPS leadership accountable. This starts with the Board of Education retaining their responsibility to make tough decisions instead of passing that responsibility off to non-elected administrators. 


Board Members in the Classroom- As a former classroom teacher, Alex knows that good decisions for schools come from being on the ground in our schools. As a board member, Alex pledges to be present in our school buildings, growing and learning with teachers and students.