Board of Education Office 2 is in central Norman. It includes most of City Council Ward 4 and parts of Wards 7 and 8.

Below is a map of the five BOE offices and a description of the boundaries for Office 2.

NPS BOE Boundaries copy.png

Office 2 Boundaries

Starting Point - West Robinson Street at Berry Road: east on Robinson Street to US Highway 77 (Flood); south on US Highway 77 to Johnson Street; east on Johnson Street to Cockrel Avenue; southeast on Cockrel Avenue to Carter Avenue; south on Carter Avenue to Bishop Creek; south on Bishop Creek to Oklahoma Avenue to Classen Blvd.; south on Classen Blvd. to Highway 9; west on Highway 9 to Jenkins Avenue; north on Jenkins Avenue to Timberdell Road; west on Timberdell Road to Pickard; north on Pickard to Lindsey Street; west on Lindsey Street to Berry Road; north on Berry Road to Boyd Street; west on Boyd Street to Garrison; north on Garrison to Melrose Drive; east on Melrose Drive to Sherry Avenue; north on Sherry Avenue to Iowa; east on Iowa to Utah Avenue; north on Utah Avenue to Acres; west on Acres to Berry Road; north on Berry Road to Robinson Street.

Where is Office 2

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