Rep. Merleyn Bell Endorses Alex Ruggiers in the runoff for Norman School Board.

I am extremely honored to have the support and endorsement of State Representative Merleyn Bell. Read below why Representative Bell is supporting our campaign.

"This is a critical time for public education in our state. As such, I believe it’s important we elect leaders we can trust at all levels of government. Norman has the opportunity to elect a new and trustworthy leader to the NPS School Board – a leader with classroom experience who understands the challenges to ensuring that each and every kid in Norman receives a quality education; a leader who views parents and students not as customers, but as partners in education; a leader who listens, not governs through intimidation and retaliation.

I support Alex Ruggiers because I believe he is that leader. I say this not only as someone who knows what it takes to govern, but as the parent of an NPS student. We can and must do better by our children, and electing Alex is the first step toward ensuring a brighter future for them all" - State Representative Merleyn Bell, 45

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